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Discover the stylish all-in-one solution which makes keeping track of your artworks, contacts and sales beyond simple.

With a carefully considered set of tools designed to be easy to use and efficient, Art Galleria is the platform that enables you to manage and grow your presence as an artist.

Art inventory software for artists

Art Inventory Software for Artists

Catalog your full art inventory, current and sold, in your own private cloud. Discover the range of solutions to manage your art business, with multi-user access and on multiple devices.

Art Galleria - Art inventory management software


Inventory Management

Catalog your full art inventory, current and sold.

Custom Fields

Easily add, rename and reorganize fields to perfectly match your data requirements.

PDF Catalogs and Labels

Create stylish collection catalogs, exhibition marketing materials, floor plans and more. With our Label Designer, you can now create as many label types as you wish, including wall and inventory labels with QR Codes and barcodes, save them and use them as often as you like.

Pricing & Availability

Manage pricing, specials and availability for each artwork.

Website Auto-Updates

Your website and inventory will always be in sync. No more spending time and money to update your website. Easily integrate with platforms such as SquareSpace, WIX, WordPress, Shopify and more.

Artwork Cards and QR Codes

Easily create and print artwork cards for exhibitions and tracking, with smart QR Codes.

Image Vault

Keep hi-res photos of your artworks in one place. Safely store one or multiple images per piece.

Document Vault

Archive unlimited documents individually for each artwork. Up to 80+ document types are supported.

Multi user access

Do you work with other people? You can invite them to access your account and suspend access when required.

Secure and private

Control access and share only specific artworks or collections. By default, all your information is private and secure.

Sell more

Private Rooms

Create private online rooms and invite your contacts to exclusive online viewings of a selection of your art.

Invoices & Payments

Print or email professional invoices and track payments received. Accept credit card payments for your invoices online, in person and over the phone.

Mailout announcements

Send email announcements for upcoming exhibitions, availability of new artworks or specials via the Private Rooms feature.

International sales tools

Generate quotes and invoices in the language and currency of your choice. Seamlessly convert to any currency using up-to-date exchange rates.



Manage consignments with ease. Print or email professional consignment reports. Check-in and check-out artworks to physical locations.


Easily manage all your business contacts. Group them for easy viewing.


List all locations you deal with (galleries, studios, storage places) and track where your art is at all times.

Gain insight

Sales reports

Track and graph your sales over time.

Inventory Reports

Track and graph the artworks for sale in your inventory as you create and sell your art.

Consignment reports

Create professional consignments reports to send to exhibitors and track where your artworks are at all times.

Insurance reports

Reports for insurance, including valuation figures.

On TV / On Display

Art Galleria Apple TV app

Transform any space into an exhibition of your Art Galleria inventory with AG Slides, our Apple TV app. Get ready to showcase your collection in your gallery, studio, office or wherever you exhibit.

Apple TV app included at no additional cost.

Download Art Galleria app on the Apple App Store

Focus on what matters

Easy to use

Access intuitive, simple to use tools to showcase your art.


Leverage professional tools to manage and grow your art business at affordable prices.

Saves you time

Do more in less time, which allows you to do more of what you love.

Safe and secure, including backups

Your data is automatically backed up, stored and secured in world-class data center facilities.


No installation required. Simply use your Internet browser on your preferred device.

7 x 365 Support

Fast, knowledgeable and friendly support team always available to assist you, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays.

Quick setup by our concierge for artists

Free setup and data import

You can easily get started uploading your art and other information yourself, or you can make use of our free concierge service. We can work with you to get your current data (from other systems, spreadsheets, etc.) and setup it all up in your private Art Galleria cloud. This free service applies to the transfer of artworks, artist profile and contacts information.

We found that on average it takes less than 15 minutes for our users to gather and email us the information in CSV or spreadsheet format (a requirement for this service), which we then organize and import in their private account.

Plans & Pricing

Artist Starter
$ 15

per month (billed annually)

or $18 billed monthly

  • 500 artworks
  • 1 artist profile
  • Single user
  • Online support
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Free setup and data import
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Artist PRO
- Most Popular -
$ 30

per month (billed annually)

or $36 billed monthly

  • 1000 artworks
  • 1 artist profile
  • 3 users included
  • Online support
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Free setup and data import
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Artist Unlimited
$ 60

per month (billed annually)

or $72 billed monthly

  • Unlimited artworks
  • 1 artist profile
  • 5 users included
  • Phone & Online priority support
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Free setup and data import
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