Beauty and Betterment

Jenan McClain

Beauty and Betterment 49.5 x 73.5 ″ French Acrylic on Canvas

Represented by Miller Gallery

“I am raw and open.  Feel my heart yearning, pleading, asking, wondering.  Touch my pain, shower me in safety and awareness -all that is beauty and betterment, hope and strength.  Accept my imperfections and replace darkness with light so strong old wounds and bruises transform-rainbows and stars, rare and brilliant. An exceptional transition-cellular and spiritual-a healing and a knowing. A butterfly in waiting.  An unstoppable growth. An inevitable flight.  My return home."  

Jenan McClain calls herself the poet painter and often combines her love of poetry with her work by painting a poem underneath the painting.

Jenan McClain is from Greenville, Sc and began creating at an early age. She attended The Fine Art Center and under the mentorship of Jim Campbell she began a journey of meditative creation. Jim Campbell influenced McClain to realize “the message of art meeting the soul’s readiness and willingness to discover the true beauty in one’s work.”
McClain draws inspiration from nature and the powerful sustaining life force of water.
She mainly works in acrylic and oil pastels, her most recent body of work is influenced by the surrounding salt marshes and florals along the South Carolina coast.
McClain currently lives in Mt. Pleasant with her husband, daughter, and dog!