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Work less, achieve more. We believe that no matter whether you are a gallerist, an artist or a collector, technology should be there to support you in achieving more with less effort. Discover the comprehensive all-in-one platform for art management, art marketing and sales, and website creation services to help you manage your collections, keep your data organized, automate and grow your art business.

We make it our mission to create an innovative, efficient, easy to use and powerful technology platform to enable you to keep your art organized, nurture your client relationships and save you an astronomical amount of time. With a knowledgeable team of software developers and experts in technology, it’s easy to see why we have emerged as global market leaders in the art industry.

Designed for galleries, artists, archivists, collection managers and organizations.

For art galleries

For Galleries

Manage your complete artwork inventory, artist profiles, contacts, and easily generate invoices, stylish marketing materials and collection catalogs at the touch of a button.

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For artists

For Artists

Upload, store and manage your artworks on one safe, secure, cloud-based platform. Plus, download our free mobile app so that you can carry your portfolio everywhere you go.

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For art collectors and art collection managers

For Collectors

Keep your collection data safe, secure and private. Plus, use the platform to privately share selected artworks with invite-only exclusive clients, using our Private Rooms feature.

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Art Inventory Software


Powerful Database

Powerful, lightning fast, flexible and easy to use comprehensive solution to manage inventory and nurture customer relationships. Automate your work with our integrations and eliminate double data entry.

Marketing & Sales Tools

Create online Private Rooms, offers, invoices and professional-looking marketing catalogs and materials quickly and easily. Produce quotes and invoices in the language and currency of your choice.

Mobile Apps

Free mobile apps to access your portfolio and contacts on to the go, wherever you are. For iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Extra services

We also provide custom solutions, bespoke marketing material, websites & mobile apps developed specifically for your gallery or organization. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with your next project.

Art inventory software database


Easy to use, powerful when you need it. Manage your entire art inventory, contacts and sales on our secure platform, lightning fast.

  • Complete Art Inventory

    Catalog your full art inventory, current and sold. Easily add, rename and reorganize fields to perfectly match your data requirements. Track locations, consignments, exhibitions, collections and more. Add unlimited high resolution images and documents to each record.

  • Artist Profiles

    Comprehensively document artists in your collections (or your own profile) in unprecedented detail.

  • Contacts and Sales

    Build powerful relationships with your clients. Reach out with ease and always know what your clients are interested in.

  • Exhibition Calendar

    Track artworks associated with an exhibition, and easily create various marketing materials and catalog for your upcoming events.

  • Accept Submissions

    Create art submission portals for the artists you represent and accept artworks in your inventory with full workflow support.

  • Custom Fields

    Easily add, rename and reorganize fields to perfectly match your data requirements. Many different types of data fields are supported, such as text, numeric, price, checkboxes, weblinks and dropdown menus with values you set.

  • Image and Document Vault

    Keep artwork images and documents organized with each artwork record. You can upload unlimited number of high resolution images and documents per artwork.

Invoicing and
Sales Reporting

Upload, manage and track your entire art inventory and contacts book on our secure platform.

  • Invoices and Payments

    Effortlessly craft invoices complete with artwork details, tailored to your customer's preferred language and currency. Print or email professional invoices and keep track of received payments.

  • Integrated Payment Processor

    Accept online and in-person credit card payments for your invoices.

  • Offers CRM

    Send offers from your inventory and track offer details, staff, follow ups and status. Once an offer is accepted, easily convert it into an invoice with one click. This feature is currently in Beta and can be added on request.

  • Sales Reporting

    View at a glance outstanding invoices, and create in-depth sales reports.

  • Custom Reporting

    Use the reporting tools or ask our team to assist you with creating customized reports to precisely match your requirements.

Invoicing and sales reporting for art
Private Rooms for art businesses

Private Rooms

Create private online rooms and invite your contacts to exclusive online viewings of a selection of your art.

  • Send Exclusive Email Invitations

    Use our Private Rooms feature to privately share selected artworks with invite-only exclusive clients.

  • PDF Catalogs

    If desired, you can allow your contacts to download PDF catalogs of your collection for future reference.

  • Inquiries

    Receive inquiries about artworks in your Private Rooms directly to your inbox.

Easily generate PDF marketing materials

Create stylish collection catalogs, exhibition marketing materials, floor plans and more.

  • PDF Catalogs

    Easily create PDF catalogs for your collections with one click. Multiple layout option are available.

  • Artwork Cards and Labels

    Create professional artwork cards for your exhibitions or to track inventory. Include automatically generated QR Codes and barcodes for your clients to scan, or use the free companion Art Galleria mobile apps to scan and instantly retrieve full artwork information from your inventory.

  • Price Lists and Floor Sheets

    Create price lists and floor sheets for your next exhibition or consignment.

  • Certificates of Authenticity

    Automate the process of creating certificates of authenticity for your artworks.

Art inventory software database
Integrated arts software

Most integrated arts software

Automate your art business or collection management.

  • Website auto-updates

    With Art Galleria integrations, your website and inventory will always be in sync. No more spending time and money to update your website. Easily integrate with platforms such as SquareSpace, WIX, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and more.

  • Accounting Integrations

    Integrate with QuickBooks and Xero to automatically sync invoice and contact information from Art Galleria to your accounting system.

  • Email Integrations

    Integrate with MailChimp to keep your contacts continuously in sync.

  • Custom Integrations

    Our team can assist you with other types of integrations. Please contact us for more information.

Mobile Apps Included

Access your full portfolio and contacts on the go, wherever you are.
For iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Art mobile apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices

iPhones & iPads Android

Full Portfolio

Browse and search your artworks, art collections and artists. Display, upload and edit artwork information.

Scan To Access

Scan QR Codes to instantly retrieve your full artwork details.

Contacts and Locations

Manage your business contacts and view artworks at locations.

Share artworks

Easily share artwork information with your contacts via text, email, AirDrop and more.

Apple TV App Included

Transform any space into an exhibition of your Art Galleria inventory with AG Slides, our Apple TV app. Whether it's your gallery, studio, office, or any exhibition space, be prepared to present your collection with flair and style.

Art Galleria Apple TV app

Other features

Secure Cloud-Based

No installation or servers required, simply use your Internet browser. Your data is automatically backed up, stored and secured in world-class data center facilities.

Lighting Fast

Fast and responsive interface allows you to work with no interruptions. Computing capacity is continuously reviewed and increased as requirements demand.

7 x 365 Support

Fast, knowledgeable and friendly support team always available to assist you, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays.

Free 14-day Trial

Try the most flexible and integrated arts platform free for 14 days.

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